The company has inherited the knowledge and experience of one of the oldest Naval Architecture Consultancy firms in Greece which had activated in shipbuilding supervision, marine repairs and insurance claims and also had participated in EU research programs on the Human Factor and Fire Safety in Marine Accidents.

MCM evolved to an importer / exporter of Architectural Construction Materials for buildings and ships that are also related to fire protection. The main product is "fire resistant fully glazed doorsets and screens" made of steel profiles which are stronger than those made by other materials as aluminum, timber, pvc. The increased durability and stability of the steel profiles combined with suitable types of glass makes them ideal for constructions that are fire resistant, bullet proof or of higher static requirements. The products have been subjected to fire tests at accredited European laboratories and have been classified into various fire ratings according to the prevailing European standards.

The fire resistant fully glazed doorsets and screens are usually specified by architects at the stage of the building design in areas dictated by the national building regulations as fire exits, escape corridors, staircases, internal atriums, boundaries of fire zones etc. The fully glazed fire doorsets and screens are increasingly preferred by architects because the use of glass offers the opportunity to diffuse the natural light inside the building and to achieve the continuity of spaces in contradiction to other type of constructions as those made of solid steel, gypsum or masonry.

MCM applies an ISO 9001 quality system for the design, fabrication, supply and installation of fire resistant fully glazed doorsets, screens and other construction materials. The departments of MCM include sales, technical support, cost estimating, drawing and accounting. MCM issues technical manuals for the fabrication and installation of the products and it often forms joint ventures with local fabricators of steel / aluminium doors for the contracting of turn key jobs. It also invests in the development of software for cost estimating, fabrication drawings, project management, stock control, databases etc. Furthermore MCM is in a constant research for new technologies, supporting hardware systems and available certification in order to be in a position to propose to customers, alternative technical solutions according to the complexities and requirements of each project.

MCM is the leader of its' market in Greece having dominated in most contracts for the "Athens 2004 Olympic Games" stadiums and supporting buildings as the Main Olympic Complex, the Main Press Centre, the International Broadcasting Centre, the Weight Lifting stadium, the Modern Pentathlon stadium, the Shooting stadium, the Beach Volley stadium and many others. Other significant projects include Subway and Suburban Railway Stations, Airport buildings in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and Rhodes, Ministerial buildings, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, luxurious Office blocks etc.

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