The Framing is fabricated by welding and smoothing treatment of pre-galvanized or stainless steel (316L quality) tube-shaped steel profiles of the series MCM-FORM. The fabrication takes place in an MCM authorized workshop according to ISO: 9001 standard. The profiles are produced by steel strips (type: S250GDZ150NA), hot-dip galvanized with 150gr/m2 zinc overlay on both sides according to EN 10147 and cold roll formed according to DIN 2395 part 1&2. The wall thickness of the profiles is 2mm and the sectional dimensions are 50x50mm with an astragal of 20mm. Special grooves in the profiles are used to accommodate the fire resistant rubber gaskets between the door frame and leaves. The frames fabricated by galvanized profiles are powder coated electro-statically to any standard colour from the RAL chart.

Alternative types of Glazing include monolithic clear glass (float or toughened) (6-8-10-12mm), wired clear glass (6mm), laminated glass (10-12mm), special compound glass (13mm) and double glazed units (20-24mm). Glazing rubber gaskets and clip-in beads (5-25mm deep) are used according to the glass thickness.

Optionally part of the glazing area may be replaced with steel panels of sandwich composition (steel plate 1,5mm + gypsum plate 12,5mm + steel plate 1,5mm).

The standard equipment of doorsets per door leaf includes two adjustable steel hinges of heavy duty type and a safety bolt in between. The doorsets are fitted with mortise locks with or without anti-panic function operable by push bars or lever handles. Door closers may be either overhead mounted or floor springs. Double leaf doorsets include sequence control selectors. Optional hold-open devices for keeping the door leaves open are available as separate magnet units or integrated in the closing mechanisms.

Installation is achieved by trained working teams ensuring the correct implementation of the specification standards and the validity of the certification. It is advisable that the neighbouring construction includes steel tubes at least 50mm deep where the framing of the MCM-FORM construction is fixed with screws. A thermal expansion gap of 10mm is allowed between the external framing and the neighboring constructions, that is filled with fire resistant mastic in white or grey colour.


The fire rating of MCM-FORM constructions has been tested and certified according to the following European Standards:
  • European Standards EN 1364-1, 1363 for the classification of E30, E60, EW60, EW120 minutes of integrity and stability.
  • British Standards BS476:Part22:1987 for the classification of 60 / 90 / 120 minutes of integrity and stability.
  • Austrian Standards ONORM 3800 / 3850 for the classification of 30 minutes integrity and stability (G30 / R30).
  • French (Bill of the 21st of April 1983 of the Department of the Interior) and appendix IV of CECMI for the classification of 60 minutes integrity and stability.
  • Netherlands Standards specifications NEN 6069:1991 for the classification of 60 minutes of integrity and stability.

MCM-FORM Dooorset corner section


Type of Construction1 Max
( mm )
( mm )
Fire Rating Applicable
Glazed Partition with or without doorsets Unlimited2 3000 E30 / E60 French 21.04.83
E120 British BS476:part 22
Single leaf doorset 1260 2230 E30 / E60 French 21.04.83
1444 2384 E120 British BS476:part 22
Double leaf doorset 2410 2230 E30 / E60 French 21.04.83
2758 2384 E20 British BS476:part 22
1 All for internal use.
2 With expansion joint every 6 meters

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