One of the basic parameters that affect the design of a building is the protection in case of fire. The correct choice of materials and systems and the separation of the building into fire zones may restrict the fire to its initial bursting point, prevent horizontal and vertical expansion and protect the escape routes for a period of time as dictated by the national building regulations.

Escape route
MCM fire rated systems are suitable for single or double leaf doorsets, wall partitions, fanlights, windows, facades and roofs. They are installed where specified by the passive protection plans of the building, for instance at the boundaries of fire zones, staircases, corridors, escape routes, industrial control room windows, atriums, skylights etc.
The advantage and originality in the use of glass compared to the conventional solid steel constructions is that it allows the architect to achieve continuity of spaces and free transmission of natural light inside the building.

Escape exit

In addition fire tests have proven that the fully glazed fire rated systems are safer than the conventional steel constructions because they provide optical control of fire hence people can avoid the area in fire and choose a safe way out.

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